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Hall of Fame 1990

1978 Detail shot PART Top 2 Bottom with NOC167

A lot of people speak about the old school when it comes to graffiti, with over 40 years in the graff game, PartOne TDS is very qualified to speak on it. Enrique “PartOne” Torres was born in New York’s infamous Hells Kitchen neighborhood during the 1950's. At the young age of 5, the Part and his family moved to East Harlem aka El Barrio or more commonly referred to as Spanish Harlem. Part and his family moved into what was known as the Taft Houses off 115th & Madison. Peso 131 was quoted in On The Run’s book number 4, Part One The Death Squad as saying “His projects had it going on; Basketball tournaments, HipHop jams, everything. The Parties were thrown by Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde, Rayvon and Johnny Wa, these guys were famous rappers back then.”

In 1971 at the young age of 11 the urge to get up was overwhelming and by 1972 the then 13 Enrique became known as PartOne, a name suggested by neighborhood friend MadMoon112 & the style onslaught began! This 1972 adaptation of the name PartOne was the beginning of a long lasting legacy of innovative game changing styles that still hold true & have helped make PartOne a True Living Legend to this day!

1. What was NY like when you started writing or was introduced to it. You know. Temperature check. Gangs, Neighborhoods, Other Writers? 

Well writing back when I started was the best of times! In 1972 it was just beginning to turn from tagging to piecing. My Neighborhood had a lot of writers, plus venturing to other hoods & boroughs you’d meet writers as well. Gangs were everywhere so you had to maneuver ever so cautiously.

2. Who inspired you at the start of your graff career do you have a favorite writers ?

I was inspired by pioneers such as Take5, Love1, Billy167, Phase2, Riff170, & Tracy168 just to name a few, and of course my dude Pel Do It Well.

BlackBook Steez 1975

1977 window down

3. Did you have any other names before setting down with Part. If so, how did that run go and which one was your favorite?

Actually I did experiment with a few such as: Clu2, Spiderman, Slick115, Sol161 until a friend suggested PartOne and the rest is history

4. What's the history behind TDS ?  What year did it start ? And was it just about Graff since jump?

TDS was established in 1976. At the time we were one of the most “style” influential groups ever formed & we pretty much set the tone for a whole new generation to follow. TDS was very much like a family and along the way we would play sports and spend quality time along the way.

1991 Burning Harlem Hall of Fame

5. What yards were cracking ( active ) & which ones were you hitting?

Well I began my career on the #6 Pelham Line, which I still hold dear to this day. In 1974 I traveled over to the #1 Broadway Line and pretty much reigned there till’ 1979-80’. The 3Yard was also a major play at the time. In the winter they would layup the trains a block from my domain so the picking was great!

BlackBook Steez 1976

1978 Negative Outline Style.

6. Did you have a main road dog? Or did other crew members / writers roll with you to go bust?

When I began I used to roll with my childhood buddies but as time went along I would roll solo. Then I began to roll with different writers, which was a great experience, but once we formed TDS it was my dude the president Kool131, Chain3, Noc167, Kase2 and PanicOne.

7. Besides the obvious ( subway cars, old days etc etc ) what are some differences between today's scene and the train days ( psychological, materials, technology)?

It’s pretty much like this, subway cars were scaled down, you’d have guidelines and things like that. The colors were somewhat limited and you would have to make due with what you had. Nowadays there’s so much available for you, which makes life so easy.

8. Who are some unsung kings that you remember hitting the same lines you were hitting?

In my beginning there was Take5, King of the 6,  Moses147, King of the 1’s, Blade & Comet just to name a few of the many.

window down burning 1977

Elevated End 2 End rocking w/ Joey and Delta

1976 Worm by Part 1

9. If you could bring back 2 paint colors what brand & color would it be?

Damn that’s a tough one, I’m gonna’ go with Delta Blue (Red Devil) & Federal Safety Purple (Rustoleum)

10. Do you have a most memorable car you pulled?

 Damn! Another tough one, I’m gonna’ say my 1st car done as TDS, It was a Warm2 x PartOne. It had a bulldog & a vulture in 1974

11. Do you have any chase stories or yard beefs that stand out and you'd like to share with us? 

This was a crazy chase! There was 8 of us on the elevated #6 up in the boogie down & we were doing two cars when all of a sudden a train stopped right where we were painting! We split up and 4 of us were under the el when popo popped up right under where we were. I climbed back to the top of the train and stood there for like a good hour before I made the walk to the station. When I got home 4 of us had got away and 4 of us got caught.

Straight Burner Harlem Hall of Fame 2014

On that International Status. Rocking Denmark 2014

2014 Colab with Dr REVOLT. TDS RTW

12. So as far as consistency is concerned, as an outside perspective is seems like you've never stopped painting. Have you ever taken a break? 

I did take a short break back in 1990’ only because I was working and had quit trains in 1987. The break of course did not last long!

13. Besides Graffiti. What else are you into?

I like riding bikes, swimming, taking in games, baseball, basketball and chillin’!

14. Did music play a part in your upbringing? Any classics or styles that you were rocking?

For sure music is the motivator. I dig my old school R&B, old school hip hop & straight old school!

15. How can people contact you for commission work or to purchase your art?

I can be reached on instagram @partonetds Facebook: (Enrique Torres)

16. And on that note. Any last words, shout outs, or words of advice to new writers?

I’d like to shoot my moms RIP Love You Always, cause if it wasn’t for my mom, I would not exist. My brother & sister, brother in law, my niece & nephew, my students in my BlackBook class, My TDS TC5 Familia & the whole writing community, PEACE!

For those of you interested in learning more about Style Master PartOne, please visit http://www.fromheretofame.com/books/part.html and cop his book (ON THE RUN BOOK #4 PART ONE The Death Squad)

1993 BlackBook Action

BlackBook Tribute for BEAR 167

Harlem Hall of Fame 1982 106 & Park

Window Down 1977

Window Down Panel 1977

Window Down Panel 1977

Window Down Panel 1977

1979 Status TDS Country